A chance encounter with Umesh Kabir

We had the extraordinary honour of bumping into Umesh Kabir, a Scholar, at Kabir Chaura Math in Varanasi. He has spent his life living, breathing, and studying of the poet’s works; whose timeless and non secular wisdom affects how he chooses to live his life: with love at the forefront. Umesh lives at the Ashram and tours all over India as an expert sharing the poet’s insights and truths.

Kabirs’ (both Umeshs’ and the poet) grasp on the mind-body connection, and the basis of authenticity, truth and love on psychosocial health, is the reason we wanted to include this interview. Umesh’s examples are a worthy addition to learning a healthy approach to life. Although he has not experienced a long term pain condition, his approach to life (based on the wisdom of ancient poetry), and ability to not let stress stay with him, may be one of the reasons he remains so well, both mentally and physically.


“If we can start giving love to people, the pain will subside”


Umesh was so interesting to interview. He was the first person I spoke to who seems to read my mind with what questions I was thinking to ask. His excellent oration on truthfulness is such a pleasure to hear and rings so similarly to Gabor Mate’s discussion on the essential nature of authenticity. He effortlessly explained ancient wisdom, and his ability to stay so much in the present moment with me was testament to the joy that guides his life.

As a Physio I can recall people I know who experience so much disorder and disease, but that it has very little effect on their outlook or joy in life. Similarly people who have so much positive in their life and who see nothing but the mud on their shoe. This ability to look beyond the external to the deep sensations of truth and love is this poetry in action. Meeting Umesh taught us how the teachings can be utilised in the present day.

Umesh’s Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/umesh_kabir/ if you wish to hear more.


Kabir Poem



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